Dark Side of the JPG

Since switching to Lightroom for photo editing and Sketch App for design work, and discovering Preview’s built in image resizer (Tools > Adjust Size…) I’m finding I can go days without opening Photoshop. This morning, I found something super-cool in Preview that makes me want to use it as my go-to quick image adjustment tool:

Dark Side of the JPG

The Dark Side of the Moon tool! Hit Edit on an image, and a bunch of tools make themselves available. hit the DSofM tool and you et your RGB adjustments.

Preview, you sassy minx…

Australia, March 2014

Melbourne laneway

Wading through the backlog

Resting up from my knee surgery I’ve had some time to go through a sizeable backlog of travel photographs patiently waiting inside Lightroom.

Today marks my first blog post in three months, and it contains a link to 100 images taken on our March trip back to Australia. The first half or so shot in Adelaide during the week of Craig And Lisa’s wedding. The second half shot in and around Melbourne’s CBD (downtown for y’all Americans).

These images were first edited not long after our return, and I’ve noticed in my B+Ws three months later I’m enjoying a more contrasty treatment. You’ll probably notice the change from the first pics of Kelly and I at the airport (with me especially looking forward to the 24+ hours of travel ahead), to the lane way images toward the end of the set.

Fuji X100s

It’s worth re-mentioning this photoset (and all photos I’ve shot since March) have been with the Fuji X100s. It was a semi-rash decision to side-grade from my usual Canon 5D and 50mm f1.2 or 24–105mm f4 lens, but it has been a pretty fun experience, if only for the fixed 35mm focal length, which is simultaneously creatively restricting and freeing.

Without further ado…

Hit the image above to launch the gallery!

Tulum / Las Vegas

Grand Canyon at sunset

Finally had a chance to put up some photos from last year’s Tulum/Las Vegas trip (tap to see full gallery).

Tulum, in Mexico, is a beautiful beach area about two hours drive south of Cancun. If you want to avoid a Bali-like tourist experience, I highly recommend driving out of Cancun immediately after you fly in, and bypassing Playa del Carmen entirely. Just drive an extra hour and get the same — if not better — beaches, with far fewer people.

Las Vegas is not a beautiful beach in Mexico, but a touristy city in the middle of the desert — great in an entirely different way. Given my Las Vegas experience was not with the wolf pack but with my wife and mother-in-law, it was fantastic! (I’m not much into “girls to my room in 20 mins…”)

It was a good couple of weeks.

Melbourne and the Fuji X100S

Melbourne Laneway crop

(hit the image for large version :)

Tonight I had a chance to edit my first crop of photos from my Fuji X100s.

I bought this camera mere days before I left for Australia, knowing I wanted to restrict myself to a single lens, and to force myself to 35mm focal length. The problem was, I don’t own a 35mm lens.

I put in an order to hire a 35mm 1.4 L lens for my Canon 5D mkII — my usual travel camera — but changed my mind at the last minute and instead took a punt on a $1300 camera, some SD cards, and two extra batteries. I figured if the change to an unfamiliar focal length, an unfamiliar form factor, an unfamiliar camera manufacturer, an unfamiliar camera software, and an unfamiliar shooting experience didn’t work out, I could sell the gear when I returned from Oz at a $200 loss, and still break even (hiring a 35mm Canon lens for a month cost this much).

During the trip, I had a love/hate relationship with the Fuji x100s, but once I understood some of it’s quirks, the balance tilted a little toward love. Now I’ve had a chance to view and edit some .RAF files up close, I’m loving it even more. The lens on this thing is incredibly sharp, just as everyone on the internet has reported, and the small, light, and silent form factor is extremely fun to use on a trip.

I can understand why some people are ditching their DSLRs. It’s an exciting time.

Boston / Toronto / NYC

Boston in autumn

Long overdue (again) but here are a bunch of photos from a recent trip to North East USA (and Canadia). Chronological order of the trip is as follows:

  1. Boston, Massachusetts — on the weekend the Boston Red Sox won their first baseball championship on home soil in 96 years (a really big deal!)
  2. Toronto, Canada
  3. New York City

The big photo takes you to the full gallery :)