August 2010


Things: Wusthof cook’s knife

The first item I’d like to talk about in my series of favourite things, is my Wusthof 8-inch cook’s knife. The most basic necessity for…


Raisin’ bread

My wife has taken to baking bread. From scratch. Like, flour n shit. Improver. That sort of thing. We received a bread maker as one…


Things: an introduction

We should not focus on having the things we want, but wanting the things we have. Really? I’m starting a new series called Things. The…


Nerding out — 18 GB per second!

So, I’ve had a few days to play with my overhauled Mac, and I can report that real-world speed in Photoshop has improved significantly, and…


Cover: BigM Egg Flip

Celebrating the return in 2010 of one of the great flavours of BigM — Egg Flip. From memory (and I’m going back maybe 15–20 years),…


Cover: Nagura stone

Historically, there are three broad grades of Japanese sharpening stones: the ara-to, or “rough stone”, the naka-to or “middle/medium stone” and the shiage-to or “finishing…


Nerding out — ten lessons learned

Having emerged from my two-and-a-half day nerding out, I have a few things to report. Firstly, by and large, it went smoothly and according to…


Cover: Townie steak

This cover commemorates by going to the Townie with Marty, McGauz and Davo, July 2010. Photo by avlxyz, used under the Creative Commons licence.


Cover: BK CS5 100%

This cover image represents the checkin-off of the final ‘to do’ for the coding of the site. Kirko spazzed out in a nerd-fit and fixed…


Cover: BK CS5 95%

The website is about 95% complete now :)

Screen shot 2010-08-23 at 6.18.14 PM

If I was a potato…

Best way to eat a potato on the run ever! If I was a potato, I’d wanna die like this. The Potato Dream from Bart…


Cover: BK CS5 80%

An icon representing my current love for Photoshop CS5, as well as the ‘almost finished’ state of this site to date. Estimating 80% complete at…


Nerding out

It’s been a long time between computer clean outs for me. My main computer (Mac Pro first version) has been doing little funny things for…


Cover: Japanese knives


Cover: Japan Take Off Your Shoes


Cover: Twitter is dead


Cover: Wish you were here

Image used with permission from Tim Norris.


The Cow Game

View on Flickr The what game? Many years ago, around the time of the PocketMail1, good friend Claire and a few mates invented The Cow…


Cover: Japan girl