Things I have photographed in my life so far (update)


I want to thank everyone who purchased one of my books. I hope you’re enjoying it :) It makes me feel what I’m doing is not too much of a waste of time, heh, so thanks. I’ll look forward to creating another book sometime in the future, though what it will be is anyone’s guess. See what happens in a year or so!

The news is the special edition of my book is no longer available. The standard edition still is through. There’s an incentive for you if you didn’t pick up a copy before December 12: There is one copy of the standard edition available for the original (cost) price of US$57.95. After the first one is sold, the price will increase by US$10 to $US67.95.

I’ve amended all links below to point to the standard version of the book. Thanks.

Available now on

My book things I have photographed in my life so far1 is available for purchase at You can preview the book, or watch the modest trailer:

Special edition (no longer available)

There will be two ‘editions’: the first, only available for order until Dec 12, will be special. It will contain a personalised message from me, thanking you for your support and encouragement. If that’s not enticing enough (and let’s face it, it’s probably not…) the first edition will be available at cost price. If you want to save a few bucks, it will be the cheapest way to get yourself a copy. The second edition will be the same, ‘cept it won’t have my personalised message, and will have a higher price tag. The special edition will be available until December 12th.


I’ve set the book to be available with the higher-quality options from blurb: heavier matt-paper (180gsm) for the inner pages and a nice dust cover to finish. Many people on the blurb forums have said the extra few bucks spent on the higher-quality stock option is absolutely worth it. My test copy looks fantastic!2


Blurb have a flat-rate shipping deal where up to three books are shipped at a low cost. For example, shipping for one, two, or three books to Australia will cost $9.99 (but they’ll be shipped to one address). I suggest picking up a copy for your home, your office, and your car. Or, find some other peeps who might like one and order together :) Better still, have a look in the Blurb bookstore for another book that might pique your interest.

Want a book for Christmas?

Blurb have a holiday delivery guide showing the cut-off dates for ordering to ensure your book arrives before Christmas. Check it out if you’re eager. For Australia this date is Sunday 12th December.


Thank you to everyone who expressed excitement and enthusiasm about me making this book. Your encouragement will not be forgotten. I hope you enjoy it :)

  1. The title things I have photographed in my life so far pays homage to Stephan Sagmeister‘s recent personal work Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far. If you have a spare 20 minutes, I recommend Stefan’s talk about that work.
  2. All my dark tones are there, which is a pleasant surprise! However my book has a slight cyan colour cast which is the reason the book is not available yet — I’m rectifying the colour cast with Blurb at the moment.