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These icons have now been upgraded (again)! Check out the new Twitter for App icons v3!


Well, my prayers have been answered: Tweetie for Mac, my favourite the best desktop Twitter client, has been updated into the official Twitter for Mac app, available from the Mac app store. You need OSX 10.6.6 to get access to the store but, Twitter for Mac is free! Radstix.

Now, if you’re already using it, you’ve noticed the icon has changed from the previous icon, in my opinion for the worse. Not because the new icon doesn’t look good, but because I’m used to seeing a quick flash of magenta when I invoke command-tab. The magenta stood out from the proliferation of blue, grey, and black Mac icons on my system. Tweetie’s icon was easy to spot and command-tab to. If you feel the same way, your prayers have now been answered!

Twitter Icon evolution.jpg

Free icons. Grab them while they’re hot! In four delicious flavours: original magenta, twitter blue, grey, and pro grey.

Twitter App Icons.jpg

Download the icons

Free to use however you wish, just don’t resell them. Enjoy!

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I’ve had some people ask about the best way to apply these icons to Twitter for Mac. Here are the three ways I do it (on the Mac).
With each of these methods a restarting of the Finder (log out and back in, or restart your Mac) is beneficial. Always back up any files you’re replacing. If you melt your machine, it’s not my fault:

  1. Command/⌘-I (or File > Get Info) on the icon file, and also on the app itself. This brings up two separate Info windows. Click on the new icon image in this window, hit ⌘C for copy, click on the icon in the app’s info window, hit ⌘V for paste.
  2. Quit the app. Right-click on the app, and hit Show Package Contents. Navigate to Contents > Resources and back up the file “icon.icns” (copy/paste to somewhere else). Rename my .icns file to “icon.icns” and copy/paste it into the resources folder, overwriting the original one. (You’ll also find a second official Twitter for Mac icon in this folder…)
  3. Get CandyBar and do it the simple way.

Hope this helps!