February 2011



A couple of weeks ago Kelly and I took a week-long trip to Laos. Why Laos? Well, we’d never been before, and it seemed to…


KL Storms

One of the things I’ll miss the most when I return to Oz will be the storms. I know, I know, I still have at…


On the hand

Recently, our good friend Milia1 casually told Kelly and I that we were “on the hand”. So casually did she say this in fact, that…

1UP Large

Cover: 1UP

First wedding anniversary. Enough said. Thank you Kelly, for a wonderful year.


Feeding your clients salmon

Zeldman lays it out: I’ve trained my cats to think they’re in charge, and to think they exact a tribute of two breakfasts from me…


Webstock 2011

I’ve been kicking back in Wellington New Zealand this past week. Why? Webstock, a web design and development conference. Instead of writing the obligatory summary…


A call to all men

I believe when at a public urinal, all men should pee loudly. Why? Peeing loudly helps me (and others I’m sure) overcome the uncanny, subconscious,…


The worst kind of user?

In another experience with a “bad” website design (by my standards) I struggled to find the “Contact” information for a company – I looked for…


The Information

If television produced the global village, the Internet produces the global psyche: everyone keyed in like a neuron, so that to the eyes of a…


NZ on the brain

A New Zealand fern, poured fresh in honour of the Land of the Great White Cloud (which I’m visiting next week). Choice!


‘Twas the night before Webstock

‘Twas the night before Webstock, when through the hostel The nerds were arriving, a’stirring, and well… …Just geeking it up and charging their phones, Connecting…

Withings WiFi body scale (top)

Things: Withings body scale + Weightbot

Not long after we moved into our apartment, Kelly and I began going to the gym semi-regularly. In the last few months, I’ve been going…

Chromodynamics III

Photographs: January 2011

You can view my photography in real time on my Flickr page.


Cussword Crossword

The best way to start a crossword. For Michelle.

Webstock Large

Cover: Webstock 2011, New Zealand

In a five days I leave for Webstock, a web technologies and design conference in Wellington, New Zealand. I expect it to be awesome, especially…


Volkswagen + Darth Vader = Awesomeness

How good is it?


Notes from the road river

It appears that WiFi is common this side of the Mekong, so this is a short post to say wassup?!, and tell mum we’re alive…