Free: Invoice templates for Billings 3

Update Jan 2012

I’ve recently had a few people emailing me about troubles they’re having opening the template files. After some back and forwarding, I found these people were on PCs.

Billings 3 is a Mac only application.

The templates have a custom .bitemplate3 extension only recognisable by this application. I’ve also found if you don’t have Billings 3 installed before you unzip the download package, the system may treat the .bitemplate3 files as folders, rendering them useless. Therefore, please install Billings 3 before you use these templates. Billings has an automatic 21 day trial period (which I strongly recommend you use before putting your money down).


This weekend I sat down with a trial version of Billings, a time tracking and invoicing app for Mac, to get myself set up. It was a pretty quick and painless exercise …then I began designing my own invoice template :(

Creating my own invoice template was a major pain in the arse. It was worse than designing in Microsoft Word or even Excel. Seriously. To create a template, loosely based on my current InDesign one, took a few hours on saturday, and all of Sunday. I felt I’d never make the time back in the form of saved time with the new system, given that I don’t really invoice enough, however I had my teeth sunk right in and wanted to overcome the beast that is the Billings template designer.

I mostly succeeded.

In the interest of saving others heart- and headaches, I’m offering my templates for you to use as a starting point. There are four:

  1. Generic invoice template: Only the task and the cost of the task. A straightforward invoice.
  2. Time spent and hourly rate template: Same as above but has the time spent on each task as well as the hourly rate for that task.
  3. Multiple project template: This one is good for when you’ve worked on multiple projects for the one client. The template lists all tasks in order of project (but I couldn’t figure out how to have a subheading with the project name appear only once for each project).
  4. Multiple project template (landscape): Same as the previous one but with added task date. It’s landscape because I often have long project names and/or task descriptions. Still ordered by project, but it can be changed in the template to be ordered by date or any other column header. Pain to do but possible. Also, still includes bank detail info but in my example it flows beyond the first page.

I’m using the free Google ‘web’ font Arvo, by Anton Koovit in the design. You can, of course, change this to match your taste/branding.

Download the files

Free to use for personal and business use; don’t resell them or claim them as your own work.

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