June 2012


0.225 seconds

Something remarkable happened in a recent game of doubles tennis: I was at net with my partner receiving. Both teams were in the standard doubles…


For sale: MacBook Air 11″

I’m selling my stealthy 11″ MacBook Air (late 2010 model) I’ve had 18 months of exceptional and hassle-free computing from it. It has been used…


You’re not doing it right

It’s been a while since I’ve ridden my bike, but I’m not sure these dudes are doing it right.


Icon: Twitter for Mac app v3.0

A couple days ago, Twitter updated it’s logo. No longer will they be using the word ‘Twitter’, or the lowercase ‘t’. Just the bird icon…


Snake oil rebel force

A while back I wrote something about the new advertising, or how advertising would become extinct and be replaced by better products that people actually…