July 2012


Cover: Yeehaw!

Guess where we’re relocating to in September? (photo by Greg Headley used under CC licence)


Safari 6

Downloaded the new Safari 6 this arvo via Software Update. Seems very fast compared to 5.1.whatever; loads quicker, scrolls smoother, feels zippier. Good. One of…


Coffee cheat sheet

Handy slice of cardboard. Care of RAW Coffee Roastery, KL.


Dinner Club (Erawan)

Once a month or so, the KL Crew select a new establishment to try for dinner. We call this outing Dinner Club™. The rules of…


Federer vs Nadal

Tennis lolz.


Golf Wang

On the way home from Dinner Club (Swag.)


The Phone Stack

This is a fantastic concept: The Phone Stack, and I’m in 100% It works like this: as you arrive, each person places their phone facedown…


Cover: The big question

What’s next? (image from the Okami art book)