June 2013


Cover: Classic Space Collection

Finally collected all the Classic Space minifig colours. It’s easy enough to go directly to Bricklink and buy them all, but where’s the fun in…


Better menubar icons for Remoteless Helper app

The current facts: I’m giving Spotify a go To control Spotify on my Mac from my iPhone, I’m trying Remoteless Remoteless needs a helper app…


For Sale: MacBook Air 13″

For sale is my wife’s beloved 13″ MacBook Air (late 2010 model) We’ve had 2+ years of exceptional and hassle-free computing from it. It has…


Advert: What day is it?

Another great ad playing currently on USA TV! I’ve watched it maybe 10 times and it’s still great :)


Uneven Structure – 8

Uneven Structure, one of my favourite metal bands, has re-recorded their brutal and excellent “8” album. The new version adds more singing, and is a…


Cover: 8

One of my favourite metal bands has re-recorded their excellent “8” album. More details in this post.