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Things: Outer Shell feedbag

A quick shout out for a product I bought before we left on our trip that I absolutely love and can recommend: this “feed bag” by I bought it on a whim as a way to have my camera (Fuji x100T) within easy reach while on the bike. Previously I’d either have the camera […]

Things: Caribee backpack

For my first Things entry for 2012, I’ll be Tolkien[1. Not a typo.] about my black backpack. I’ve had it now for 13 years. I know this because I received it as a gift from my then-girlfriend’s parents for my 21st birthday. Although I wasn’t expecting a gift from them, when they gave it to […]

Things: Birkenstock sandals

Encountering the custom shoe makers in Hoi An on a recent trip, I decided to have my trusty Birkenstock sandals repaired and resoled. Again. I’ve had this pair of Birkenstock leather sandals for a long time — at least 10 years — but probably longer. During that time I’ve had them resoled four times, which […]

Things: Classic Nike shoe (x2)

This is a double episode of Things. Aren’t you a lucky lot today? Air Max Cross-Trainer ’91 Bo Jackson I bought this pair of shoes from eBay a couple years ago. Ugly aren’t they? The reason I sought and bought these was a nostalgic one: A guy at high school had a pair, and I […]

Things: IKEA food packet clippy things

On Things, I usually talk about things I own and love that are kind of expensive, the message being it’s often better to spend a bit more and get great quality, or finishing, or craftsmanship. But not today. Today I talk about something I love that’s cheap and mass-produced, but still awesome: the IKEA food […]

Things: Murray Carter kitchen knife

For many years I’ve been using my trusty Wusthof cook’s knife for all things kitchen and food related. It has been a wonderful and faithful tool, and especially since I learned how to sharpen it properly. But for the last two weeks, I’ve changed over to a Japanese style kitchen knife by Murray Carter. And […]