The cover archive is the changing face of this blog. As a magazine has different covers for each issue, I have different covers for when my mood changes or something significant (or perhaps non-significant) happens in my life.

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Cover: RIP Maurice Sendak

Loved the book. Hated the movie :( Image from an unknown illustrator. Found it via This Little Class Of Mine, and followed it through to Terrible Yellow Eyes, a fantastic collection of artwork inspired by Where The Wild Things Are, but was unable to find the source. Perfectly apt for this moment in time. Go […]

Cover: Ballin’ 2

Remember Ballin’? Well, since the beginning of 2012 I’ve been playing a lot of tennis. This year I’ve taken regular lessons, and I’ve been playing two or three games a week. It takes up much of my time, especially the mornings. Apologies to everyone who’s been waiting on me for design stuff. I still play...

Cover: Laura’s special gift

This is a special gift given to me by Laura — Not the person, but the band — for my efforts on designing their most recent album cover. Laura, Twelve Hundred Times. Recommended listening. Album review on The AU Review. Album review on Album review on Prog Archives. Album review on Life Music Media. […]