I love photography. I’ve picked it back up in the last few years (after studying it 10+ years ago). I’m armed with a Canon DSLR and a bunch of enthusiasm. See the results here.


The architexture of Penang

Last weekend had a public holiday attached to it in Malaysia. My birthday was on Friday so Kelly and I travelled to Penang for the…


Photographs: July 2011

Wow. July was a busy month for non-photographic work. I’ll try harder in August, but I’m not sure I can promise anything… Notes A 27-month…


Photographs: June 2011

Notes See a larger version of the Kyneton landscape on this page. You can view my photography in real time on my Flickr page.



My last trip home to Australia had me stay with some good friends in country Victoria. Kyneton to be exact1. Being one to rarely venture…


Photographs: May 2011

Notes Look in the alligator’s mouth, it’s not there either! Six dogs, five bowls, four beds, three hanging rags, two slippers, and a bird :)…


Shooting babies

So, almost everyone I know, is having, or has had in the past two years, babies. And good on ’em. If *families* are you thing,…


Photographs: April 2011

You can view my photography in real time on my Flickr page.


Arnaud & Liz Wedding

Well, after a long few days editing, Photoshopping, and doing things the wrong way, I’ve finished. You’ve heard me talk about this wedding before, a…


Singapore orchid garden

While in Singapore for two days recently, I visited the Singapore botanic gardens and its superb orchid garden1. Just for the hell of it. I…


Photographs: March 2011

You can view my photography in real time on my Flickr page.


Photographs: January 2011

You can view my photography in real time on my Flickr page.



Living in Melbourne my whole life (until about nine months ago) and being an avid photographer, it was inevitable I join the Melbourne Flickr group.…


Photographs: December 2010


Things I have photographed in my life so far (update)

Update I want to thank everyone who purchased one of my books. I hope you’re enjoying it :) It makes me feel what I’m doing…


Photographs, November 2010

Notes This month saw a drop in productivity on individual photographs because I was putting together a book of my photography. Check it out!

The Emperor's New Clothes

Photographs, October 2010

Notes Named after this ad. I love dogs. Check out the detail in the curtains.


Photographs, September 2010

Notes I won The Cow Game.



On a recent trip to Poland to attend my cousin’s wedding, Kelly and I made a stop eight kilometres outside of Kętrzyn to see Wolfsschanze…


Photographs, August 2010

Notes #4 Quick snap of a window in Gdańsk. Rudy Kot = Ginger Cat.