I love photography. I’ve picked it back up in the last few years (after studying it 10+ years ago). I’m armed with a Canon DSLR and a bunch of enthusiasm. See the results here.

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Blisswood, TX

Late last year Kelly and I visited Blisswood Ranch to get away for the weekend. The plan was to drive about an hour away from home, unload a few things form the car, then do nothing for three days. Which is exactly what happened. So, naturally, I took a few pics. === In other news, […]

Morning pastels

Sometimes it’s worth getting up early to catch a glimpse of what a Houston fall morning can deliver. There was a full week of this view on my ride to work heading east along Woodway Drive; warm tones in the distance, the building ahead reflecting the early cool tones of a few minutes before the […]

Australia, March 2014

Wading through the backlog Resting up from my knee surgery I’ve had some time to go through a sizeable backlog of travel photographs patiently waiting inside Lightroom. Today marks my first blog post in three months, and it contains a link to 100 images taken on our March trip back to Australia. The first half […]

Tulum / Las Vegas

Finally had a chance to put up some photos from last year’s Tulum/Las Vegas trip (tap to see full gallery). Tulum, in Mexico, is a beautiful beach area about two hours drive south of Cancun. If you want to avoid a Bali-like tourist experience, I highly recommend driving out of Cancun immediately after you fly […]

Boston / Toronto / NYC

Long overdue (again) but here are a bunch of photos from a recent trip to North East USA (and Canadia). Chronological order of the trip is as follows: Boston, Massachusetts — on the weekend the Boston Red Sox won their first baseball championship on home soil in 96 years (a really big deal!) Toronto, Canada […]


Long overdue, but here are a bunch of photos from our recent trip to California. Chronological order of the trip is as follows: Yosemite National Park (while on fire) Santa Cruz Napa/Sonoma (wine country) San Francisco === UPDATE === I’ve removed the individual images from this site and replaced them with this nifty web gallery...

New York City

I must admit, as much as I like the concept of living an uncomplicated life in “the country” someday, I absolutely loved New York City. And from this week-long encounter in The Big Apple, I’ve begun to let go of the notion that I’d thrive away from a big city. I am at heart, I […]