Electronic direct mail (EDM) has in recent years become a great cost-efective way of reaching your customers. More and more people are becoming web-savvy, which means more and more people are shopping online, and becoming aware of signing up to the mailing lists that apply to them. A shift is occurring where the customer now looks for what they want themselves, rather than the advertisers telling them what they want. In this scenario, EDM is a perfect way to let your customer know of product news and specials (providing they have been enticed enough to sign up to your list in the first place ;)

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EDM: Seek Advertiser Newsletter

Seek.com.au, an online job search website, needed an electronic newsletter to send to existing and prospective advertisers. As they had a record sales year, Seek wanted to capitalise on the boost in sales by connecting to their advertisers in a new and more personalised way, and delivering relevant and valuable information to them...

EDM: Six Degrees Executive

Six Degrees Executive is a highly specialised recruitment consultancy based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Six Degrees Executive needed a way to deliver timely and relevant information about the recruitment market to their clients, consisting of large blue-chip companies looking for executive roles. I created a simple, but lively...

EDM: Six Degrees Digital Xmas campaign

In 2008, Six Degrees Digital sent out an EDM to their clients. It was the usual “thank you for a great year” message, but with a twist. The clients were able to vote on one of five ‘dares’ that the staff members (including me) were to do. (You can view the dares here). An initial […]

EDM: Prosperity Property

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) design for Prosperity Property is a consulting service for people looking to purchase properties for investment. Once the logo and website had been designed, the client asked for an EDM design. The EDM simply follows the design of the website as a base, but simplifies it a great deal. As we […]