Photoshop has become an essential tool in my graphic design career. Often I’ll receive image files for clients which need to be cleaned up or contoured (deep-etched for the old skool designers). But sometimes an image needs extremely detailed retouching work to make something that’s impossible look possible, or even create a photo-realistic image from scratch. These are some examples of such work.

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Retouch: Subnormal CD artwork

The artwork for the Subnormal album Theory For Evolution required some heavy Photoshop work to create a fire that would do exactly what I had in mind. Several images of fire were purchased through online stock libraries. Because the images were from different photographers and different shoots, I needed to firstly colour correct them so...

Retouch: Artificial Sun

When ANZ rebranded, one of the stipulations in the style guide for the Institutional sector of ANZ was that all photographic images needed to have a clear blue sky, and the sun. While sourcing images with these elements in itself is not difficult, finding these images which also have a relationship to institutional banking is […]