Houston Rodeo 2015 (so far)


We’re about half-way through our season-long attendance of the Houston Rodeo, and it’s been pretty fun, albeit a little repetitive. Basically each night we see the rodeo events immediately followed by the live performances.

The rodeo events have been my favourite things to see so far, particularly the Mutton Bustin’ and Calf Scramble, but the horse and bull riding has been impressive.

I think I’d give it a miss in the coming years, or at least go for one full Saturday or Sunday to get my fill of fried food (including butter!), bacon-wrapped sausage, and funnel cakes.

Also, better opportunities for photography can be had during the day. Here’s a quick collection of pics I’ve taken so far. Most of these were taken this past Sunday. (Quite a few of these felt like they warranted a B+W conversion, so I did them all. I think they’re better for it (although I’ll likely post a final gallery with colour photos once the Rodeo is over)).

Houston Rodeo BBQ Cookoff 2015

Reach for the cowboy laserz

We’ve been in Houston for two and a half years (!!!) and we’ve never before been to the largest rodeo on planet earth. This changes in 2015. We have our season passes, and godammit, we’re going this year (but more on that in another post, y’know, after the Rodeo has happened.)

For now, we’ve put ourselves in the mood by attending the World BBQ Championships, or rather, the disco that accompanies it. We did this a couple years back and had a great deal of fun despite discos, dancing, drinking, loud noises, and lasers being my least favourite things. Well, laserz are flippin’ cool, but the rest…

Unlike last year, I took along my trusty Fuji x100s1, and unlike last year my camera unfortunately wasn’t up to the task of laser lights, dark surrounds, and cowboys. Nevertheless, here are the few photos my camera did manage. And yes, that’s a “stripper” pole with a bell on top. And no, guys weren’t allowed on it.


  1. I’ve recently sold all my Canon gear. 

The Carolinas

Lazy gator

The Carolinas1 is somewhere we’ve wanted to visit for a while.

Early in 2014 we floated the idea to some good mates from our time in Malaysia (who now reside in Straya) and they accepted. In fact, one of them was speaking at a conference in Philadelphia later in the year. As it turns out, The Carolinas are beautiful in September.

The itinerary:

  1. Savannah, Georgia (for a few days, then drive to…)
  2. Charleston, South Carolina (for a few days, then drive to…)
  3. Asheville, North Carolina (for a few more days then fly to…)
  4. New York City, New York

Despite being a little rained out in Charleston the trip was fantastic. And tacking on a couple days in NYC at the end with two close friends was icing on the cake.

See the full gallery

* Side note, Savannah is where the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (or the movie) was set.


To answer the question y’all’re thinking: yes, that is a real live gator chillin’ on someone’s lawn, not a pool toy.


  1. The collective term for the states of North and South Carolina, hence “is somewhere” and not “are some places”… 

Barb & Mike

Barb & Mike

Everyone on the internet, please meet Barb & Mike.

These guys are the type of people that when you find ’em, you do everything in your power to keep them in your life. Ever since Barb & Mike befriended us when we first arrived to Houston, it’s been nothing by a pleasure to know them. Come and visit, we’ll introduce you personally.

I’ve wanted to shoot a portrait for a long time. In fact, the first time I entered into their home I was struck by the tall windows and Houston horizon beyond. I want to thank them for allowing me an afternoon to boss them around while sipping wine and having a bit of fun.

Blisswood, TX

Alright, alright, alriiiight

Late last year Kelly and I visited Blisswood Ranch to get away for the weekend. The plan was to drive about an hour away from home, unload a few things form the car, then do nothing for three days. Which is exactly what happened.

So, naturally, I took a few pics.


In other news, I’ve recently caught up on a backlog of photos. Expect a bunch of posts over the next couple days.