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Photo: White Pocket, AZ

By far, this was the most surreal place I’ve ever set foot in (on): White Pocket, in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument Arizona, just south of the border of Utah. If you’ve ever wanted to walk inside a Francis Bacon and H.R. Giger collaboration, go to White Pocket.

Hermit’s Rest, Grand Canyon

The hike ahead, 2 miles up 😳 Hiking down into the Grand Canyon today, Hermit’s Rest Trail down to Santa Maria springs (and a little further). 2.6 miles in and 2.6 out. Started at 6:45 to beat the heat. Funnily enough it may have been harder on the way down than up 🤔Spectacular scenery as […]

Angel’s Playground

Walking to the Angel’s Playground in the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. Millions of years ago this was a forest. Then became a seabed. The tree trunks survived and petrified to become rocks, some with precious gems forming inside. Angel’s Playground has a bunch of these tree-like rocks, and we saw a few which had...