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Chippewa (Ojibway) manitou sculpture

That time I was enamoured by a Manitou in the form of a bobcat and was so very close to taking it home from the store at Majestic Hotel in Yosemite National Park, and then we saw our first actual bobcat in the wild as we left the park. Was it a sign? 🤔 From the sculptors’ website: Bobcat is a totem of Vigilance and Suspicion. He’s not ‘hyper-vigilant’ or paranoid, he’s just keeping both eyes wide open while he’s awake and probably one while he’s asleep.

Joyce Evans and The Inn at Little Washington

While travelling through Virginia, we stayed for one night only at The Inn at Little Washington. The learned about the inn from Kelly’s parent’s who’d stayed a year ago while road trippin’ Skyline Drive and The Blue Ridge Parkway. The description came thick with praise and an insistence that we should not pass up the opportunity if we were nearby. From this description I’d formulated a vision of the inn: a large and beautiful white mansion-esque home on stately grounds.

The Houston Art Car Parade

If you saw this recent Instagram photo of mine, and were suitably perplexed as to what the hell was going on, I’m about to let you reacquaint yourself with sleep. The Houston Art Car Parade .com That’s what the hell was going on. It is the Largest Art Car Parade in the world! Houston Art Car Weekend is the Orange Show’s biggest outreach program, a vehicle for the message that art is an integral part of everyone’s everyday life. And who doesn’t love art?


Salbjörg Rita Jónsdóttir (Dalla) is an Icelandic photographer. She is a master of the Lensbaby lens. A master. I have followed her work for years, and I feel compelled to share it with you. Enjoy.

The Art of Pixar

I like art books. To see sketches, paintings, drawings, visual research, colourscripts, etc which inform the final film or animation makes you realise how much work is put into things you might not even notice on screen. A few years ago, a Pixar exhibition opened at ACMI in Melbourne. Of course I went, and on the whole it was pretty interesting. My favourite part by far was the last third of the exhibition which was displayed colourscripts for many of the Pixar films.


At Webstock earlier this year, I briefly met a dude called Andrew Fulton. He was pretty cool ‘cos he was from Melbourne (sup, folks?!) But he was cooler ‘cos he has an online comic called Mumblier. I made it a rule of Webstock that if I met someone and they had a website/product/cause, I’d have to check it out. Andrew and I talked for a few minutes, he gave me a card, and that was that. But I’m sure glad I checked out his comic (sup, Andrew?) I’m not a massive comics person — despite some friends of mine opening their own comic book store — but I love the way Andrew’s comics take on an unconventional layout.


Back in the day I was into graffiti. Not in the sense of running around, head wrapped in cloth, face mask on, stealing spray paint, nocturnal activities type of ‘into it’, but into drawing graffiti pieces on paper. It’s safer, legal, and requires jumping zero fences. A couple of years ago Marty returned to me a folder containing many of the pieces I drew in my youth. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw in, in fact I’d’ve never remembered it had it not been handed back to me all dusty and puberty-ly-era-ed[1.

Poster: Tree of life

As soon as I saw this post on This Is Colossal, I reached for my wallet so quickly I tore a hole in my pants. Consequently, it’s exactly what they did. And no wonder. This poster by Degreeº is fantastic! The design is perfect — simple, great concept, and I’ll never get tired of getting up close to have a look at the detail. It’s multi-dimensional; it makes sense from afar, and offers more up close. I love that shit.