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Houston Rodeo BBQ Cookoff 2015

We’ve been in Houston for two and a half years (!!!) and we’ve never before been to the largest rodeo on planet earth. This changes in 2015. We have our season passes, and godammit, we’re going this year (but more on that in another post, y’know, after the Rodeo has happened.) For now, we’ve put […]

Learning new things

Above is an image explained in the below list of things learned last night when a few friends came ’round for a spontaneous BBQ: The difference between an opossum and a possum The difference between an opossum and a nutria Rats can climb fences and look cute while doing it A Dodge Caravan looks nothing […]

Cowboy disco

Late last month Kelly and I, and a small bunch of our mates, braved the opening night of the Houston Rodeo. Actually, this is a little misleading, we attended the ground of the rodeo, but being the first night, none of the things you may associate with a rodeo were happening. Instead of watching cowboys […]

Impromptu KL BBQ

Doesn’t take long to set up a casual BBQ event in KL; an email a week in advance, a few Whatsapp messages, a trip to the butcher, donning of the classic BBQ shirt and Radwanska-signed BBQ hat, and you’re off! I’ll miss these clowns…

BBQs galore

McGauz, the great motivator As James (McGauz)’s arrival was getting closer, I was finally forced to rectify our BBQ situation. By situation I mean lack of one, and by rectify I mean organise a gas bottle and conversion hose to our Aussie BBQ. This was no easy feat. To find a gas bottle was difficult. […]