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How to ask for an Aeropress grind

It seems most coffee roasters/shops we’ve been to on our trip have wildly differing views on what “grind for aeropress” means. I’ve had a range from fine espresso all the way through course drip grind. In my experience — coming from years of pulling espresso on a semi-pro machine — when it’s too course it...

Harvest Coffee House, Canada

Harvest Coffee House. Google Maps I haven’t eaten apple chips in literally decades! These are homemade (I think) and gently dusted with Christmas spices 😋. Served as a side to my BLT bagel at a legit little brekkie place in Pincher Creek, #canadaeh (brekkie was great BTW. Coffee was good too 👌).

Latte Art-off

Some of you may remember the Latte Art-off, an informal, but fierce competition between some friends which pit our amateur coffee pouring skills against each other, and present the first free-poured rosetta leaf. No?, Well, anyway I won. It’s official too — It’s been acknowledged by both Willo and Mish. To be fair, I estimate...

Latte art — feather

So, I’m getting closer, no? In fact, recently I found out a friend of mine has also been trying her hand at ‘proper’ coffee. Focusing primarily on the taste and texture, she had accidentally created some latte art, and therefore automatically challenged me to a ‘Latte Art-off’. Behold! Latte Art-Off (tumblr...

Latte art – winged prawn

I’ve quite taken to making coffees with our Sunbeam coffee machine. Frothing the milk etc. I find it quite enjoyable and challenging. I have the grind and tamping down pat I think. The milk part is the most difficult, and I think it’s because of the milk here, not just my developing skills. Most of […]