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Hygge. In a considered change of plans, we’re still in Minnesota. For the last week and a half we’ve been visiting with our good mates Chip & Sloane (and two childerbeasts) which has been wonderful. The last few days in particular, staying with mates’ parents up on Lake Melissa. Bliss would a good word to […]

Poetic Systems

You know those times when things just seem to work out? When things sort of coincide with eery timing? When you start to believe something “happened for a reason”? Yep. This. I’m happy to announce that as of Monday, I’ll be wielding my Wacom pen full-time as part of Houston digital agency Poetic Systems....

Skillz to absolutely crush the billz

I’m on the hunt for a design job in Houston. While looking at positions advertised online this morning I came across a job ad with a detailed list of job requirements (a good sign), with the title “Graphic Designer / Web Developer / Design Department Mgr”, or “a bit of everything” (a bad sign). Below...

Digital me

Moving to a new city means meeting many, many new people. Meeting new people often means exchanging phone numbers and email address (I’m not on Facebizzle). In Malaysia, I had to whip up some DIY business cards for KL Design Week which worked a treat[1. Well, kinda: some people didn’t get that the cards flipped […]

The spike

Years ago, I read a book called “The Spike“. It describes future technologies and theorises on what the modern world might be like in the future based on then-current (in the 90s) technology. One concept that really stuck with me was nanotechnology and what the book describes as “the goop pool”. In a nutshell, the...