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Let’s talk doughnuts

Above is a picture of where the best doughnuts I’ve (probably) ever eaten used to reside. There’s no photo of the doughnuts themselves because I didn’t think it was necessary. I mean, we’ve all eaten great doughnuts, and they don’t all warrant a portrait, but the 100 Layer Doughnut™ from Five Daughters...

Dinner Club (Erawan)

Once a month or so, the KL Crew select a new establishment to try for dinner. We call this outing Dinner Club™. The rules of Dinner Club are as follows: Select a restaurant the majority of KL Crew haven’t been to The restaurant must be a “nice” restaurant; not hawker food, not a crappy chain, […]

Stock pot

This my new stock pot. At around $40, it’s a bargain for the ability to double my stock making power from two chicken carcasses to four, despite it looking maybe one-and-a-half times as big as my old stock pot. This weekend, I put it through it’s paces, and came out with almost four litres of […]


Last night was a visit to Bistro a Table for their degustation menu. Degustation to me, is synonymous with wearing a collar and pants, the latter of which I rarely do in KL[1. My ankles like to breathe.]. It’s also synonymous with trying new things. Including Liverpops. ← This, my dear readers, is a Liverpop. […]