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Mum and Dad in Texas

It was a pleasure to host my parents for the last two weeks and show them what Texas has to offer. The visit could be classed as somewhat of a whirlwind tour with only one real “rest” day, but they seemed to hold up without too much fussin’ ;) Things we did: San Antonio + […]


Well, we finally made it. Waiting at Saigon domestic airport, 333 beer in-belly, for our flight to Hue. Updates may be sparse for the next week[1. I think I’ve scheduled a post tomorrow… no, wait. It was the previous post. About Gmail. ], but I know you can wait it out. I’ll allow you to […]

Five reasons to travel

Since I’ve met Kelly, I’ve been travelling. Before I met Kelly, I had no interest in seeing the world. Well, it’s not that I had no interest; I’d always wanted to see Japan and Iceland, but there never seemed any urgency. Friends would go off on their obligatory world travel trip before (or during, or […]


A couple of weeks ago Kelly and I took a week-long trip to Laos. Why Laos? Well, we’d never been before, and it seemed to be a place which avoided the touristy aspect of travelling in Asia. Also, Kelly’s cousin-in-law is from Laos, and her cooking is feckin’ awesome! I won’t bore you (and me) […]

Notes from the road river

It appears that WiFi is common this side of the Mekong, so this is a short post to say wassup?!, and tell mum we’re alive and well in Louang Phabang, Laos. We arrived yesterday after a two day boat cruise down the Mekong river from Thailand. Thoughts? How can I relieve the sunburn. We spend […]