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Impromptu KL BBQ

Doesn’t take long to set up a casual BBQ event in KL; an email a week in advance, a few Whatsapp messages, a trip to the butcher, donning of the classic BBQ shirt and Radwanska-signed BBQ hat, and you’re off! I’ll miss these clowns…

Dinner Club (Erawan)

Once a month or so, the KL Crew select a new establishment to try for dinner. We call this outing Dinner Club™. The rules of Dinner Club are as follows: Select a restaurant the majority of KL Crew haven’t been to The restaurant must be a “nice” restaurant; not hawker food, not a crappy chain, […]

Community Tennis Open

Last weekend I played in my first tennis tournament. My coach signed me up because he believes I need match practise, and I agree. I don’t know where he signed me up as he didn’t offer me a website to register on, he simply asked for my details and 50 Ringgit, and SMSed me later […]

BMW Malaysian Open 2012

Prologue Last week I spent most of my waking hours at the BMW Malaysian Open women’s tennis tournament. It was the first professional tennis tournament I’ve attended. With my borderline-feverish enthusiasm for the game of tennis over the last 6–9 months, it’s not an understatement to say I was flippin’ excited....


It’s been a while coming, but remember Malaysian race day? Well, this is what apparently happened afterwards. (Tap for the large version). The drunken, mischievous cast of this photographic production, clockwise from bottom: Jonathan Mags Tori T-Jizzle Kelly G-Bizzle (yes, that G-Bizzle…) Anna (aka Carrots, aka Mrs. Johnston, aka...


Here’s an image I shot last night during a storm in KL (tap for a larger version). This is straight out of camera (SOOC) and I’ve done nothing to the image other than crop out a bit of the sky. It’s shot looking North-East from my balcony, towards Genting Highlands. Looking North West it was […]