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Forgotten treasures

When in Oz over Christmas we had a look into some items we had in storage from before we moved to Malaysia, and then the US, to see if there was anything we needed to get rid of. Much of the stuff we found absolutely did: one shopping bag full of approximately 30 pairs of […]

An open letter to my friends in Texas

Dear all my friends in Texas, I was hoping my birthday would fly under the radar. When the scoop of birthday ice-cream came out after dinner last Friday night I was very appreciative. At dinner on Saturday night when y’all arrived wearing “bart-themed” t-shirts, I felt humbled that everyone would go to the effort. I […]

Uneven Structure – 8

Uneven Structure, one of my favourite metal bands, has re-recorded their brutal and excellent “8” album. The new version adds more singing, and is a little warmer in the production, matching their last album Februus. It’s interesting to hear the difference. I would describe it as shaving with a sharp and rusty blade,...

Frank Ocean

Swim Good by Frank Ocean. This is one of my favourite songs I’ve discovered in the last few months. Kick back for five minutes and give it a listen. (Load up the lyrics on your second play through.) It comes from the free downloadable album/mixtape Nostalgia, ULTRA, an album I’ve really been thrashing over the […]


Textures. A metal band from the Netherlands. Been diggin’ their album Silhouettes from 2009. Really played the crap out of this album; it’s (obviously) great. Tonight, I cracked open their 2006 album ‘Drawing Circles’, and, after a few beers and some volume increases, had this track on repeat for about half and...