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Photo: White Pocket, AZ

By far, this was the most surreal place I’ve ever set foot in (on): White Pocket, in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument Arizona, just south of the border of Utah. If you’ve ever wanted to walk inside a Francis Bacon and H.R. Giger collaboration, go to White Pocket.

An open letter to my friends in Texas

Dear all my friends in Texas, I was hoping my birthday would fly under the radar. When the scoop of birthday ice-cream came out after dinner last Friday night I was very appreciative. At dinner on Saturday night when y’all arrived wearing “bart-themed” t-shirts, I felt humbled that everyone would go to the effort. I […]

Meeting the locals in Arkansas

Jackfork MTB trail While staying in Little Rock, Arkansas for one night only, I decided to see if I could find a trail to ride close by in the afternoon. I found Jackfork MTB trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park and headed out for a pedal. While I applaud the effort of the local riders […]