Star wars

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Blob-head Leia!

Here is Princess Leia, from the Lego set 10198 Tantive IV which I recently purchased second-hand for $150 (including shipping). You remember the ship, right? It’s the first ship that appears in the original trilogy of Star Wars, the small white being chased by an enormous Imperial Star Destroyer. If you can’t remember,...

New Star Wars Lego

Here is my new Lego Star Wars piece: 9492 TIE Fighter. You may be forgiven for thinking I’d already secured my holy trilogy of Star Wars Lego in the UCS Imperial Star Destroyer, the mechanised walking AT-AT, and the Death Star diorama. (The Star Destroyer is my favourite ship from the Star Wars trilogy, with […]

Love in the work place

In a recent post, fellow blogger and friend Jamjar, while describing her favourite love stories in movies, strung together a few sentences to produce possibly one of my favourite paragraphs I’ve read in 2010: After all they’ve been through mostly mistaking passion for each other as disdain and dislike, Leia realises her...