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An open letter to my friends in Texas

Dear all my friends in Texas, I was hoping my birthday would fly under the radar. When the scoop of birthday ice-cream came out after dinner last Friday night I was very appreciative. At dinner on Saturday night when y’all arrived wearing “bart-themed” t-shirts, I felt humbled that everyone would go to the effort. I […]

Still in Texas

It’s been five days and we’re still in Texas! I know Texas is always bigger but this is crazy… Last time we were in west Texas the Ocotillo were not flowering. This time however we’ve seen an abundance of red/orange flowers + a handful of fertile green stalks. Quite the sight! Here’s a random spattering […]

Balmorhea, Texas

On the road to Balmorhea State Park to swim in one of the largest spring fed swimming pools in the world …in outback Texas 🏊 Love this park! 74°F/23°C temps, ridiculously clear, fresh water, 25ft deep, catfish. Definitely worth a visit if the weather complies 👌

B+K Woz Ere

9hrs of fairly uneventful driving landed us at #elcosmicomarfa. Luckily for us, we had a very eventful evening of tent pitching in high winds, wine drinking, vegetable soup eating, strawberry and Nutella dipping, and one hell of a thunder and rain storm that disappeared as quickly as it came. We have three nights here.

Mum and Dad in Texas

It was a pleasure to host my parents for the last two weeks and show them what Texas has to offer. The visit could be classed as somewhat of a whirlwind tour with only one real “rest” day, but they seemed to hold up without too much fussin’ ;) Things we did: San Antonio + […]

Photo: Second Coming

An image from recent nightwalks around Montrose, Houston. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’m used to seeing the area by day, but the neighbourhood at dusk can really bring out some beautiful tones of light. Expect more of these. Tap to see bigger.