Branding: A New Entity

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Logo for A New Entity, a small music artist and label promotions company.

The idea behind this design is the growing of the artist’s success through the promotions A New Entity creates and undertakes. The seed maturing into a plant is a straight-forward metaphor that everyone can understand. Incorporating a photograph into the logo, and not a graphic, or stylised representation of a growing seed helps move this design away from what could have been a more clichéd design.

The colours and typeface represent the “grass roots” beginnings and the down-to-earth nature of the company. The typeface in particular gives the company a hand-made, non-corporate feel, where potential clients can sense they will benefit from a very personalised service.

A squarish shape was a deliberate choice that helps the logo fit a variety of purposes without needing variations or multiple versions. This saves the client some money (very important!), and helps keeps all collateral consistent.