Branding: Cakes of Taste

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Cakes of Taste is a Melbourne-based collection of cake artists, who were after a new identity and website design to showcase their work.

This project had a strict budget, allowing only four hours in total (!) for the concept, design, and finished art of a new logo. As the budget was so tight, I knew I had to create a simple but effective design.

After an hour or so of sketching, I had a few solid ideas. After presenting them to the client, two were chosen to be taken into digital format. However, I need to more decisive as the budget didn’t allow for the refinement of two concepts. I selected the simplest design, and the client agreed.

The final design os based on a slice of a three-layered cake. The colours are contemporary and derived from food. The font choice is modern and clean, with a hint of history. This makes the logo look established, and professional.

The square design was a deliberate decision so that stickers could be made in the future with low production costs.

The client was happy with the design for Cakes of Taste — it is simple, colourful, “yummy”, and optimistic.

Created during my time at Six Degrees Digital.