Branding: ExtremePT

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Logo design for ExtremePT, a highly specialised personal training company, based in Victoria, Australia.

ExtremePT was a new company which was in need of a logo and a website, basically, a brand or visual identity.

ExtremePT differs from many other personal training services because offers high-level, and specialised training to its clientele, and does not service the average person looking to get into shape. The clients are already in shape, and are looking to target specific areas of fitness or strength building. Essentially ExtremePT is exactly that, extreme personal training.

It was this point that drove the direction of the branding, and every part of the logo reflects this. The ‘X’ was highlighted and designed as a stylised human figure lifting an incredibly heavy weight. This letter was chosen because it is in itself very strong and dynamic, sounding hard and intense when spoken. The lettering of the logo (Eurostyle) is sleek and definite, but it has customised angled accents to evoke cutting-edge and dynamic.

The ‘P’ and ‘T’ differ slightly in size because they are abbreviations, but the decenders of those letters strike downwards with sharp edges. These edges, and the colour of the ‘P’ and ‘T’ help to balance out the ‘X’.

I knew the logo would be presented almost always on black, so I worked in negative from the start. The logo needed colour variations like three-colours with no gradients for embroidery and screen printing onto clothing and other merchandise, as well as vinyl signage on cars and vans.

The orange colour was selected because it was bright and dynamic, but also to appeal to the fiery determination of the target market. Orange, black, and white also happen to be a great combination visually.

The logo was well received, and the branding has been taken further in the website design.