Branding: HazWasteFund

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Logo design for HazWasteFund, a funding group within EPA Victoria, designed to support industry to reduce the volume and hazard of hazardous waste generated in Victoria.

The design for this logo was based on three things:

  1. Appeal to people in the manufacturing industry, as well as the public
  2. Look friendly, and not like a governing body or policing group
  3. Sit under the banner of EPA Victoria

The design for the HazWasteFund logo utilises a ‘stencil’ font which is common in heavy industry. This style of lettering is well known because it can be seen in places accessible to the general public as well as within the manufacturing industry. Stencilled letters are used primarily as a way of quickly spray painting temporary (and sometimes permanent) notices. Combined with the word ‘Haz’ and the colour orange, it is clear that this fund deals with the manufacturing industry and it’s processes.

The word ‘fund’ is presented in a friendly, curvy italic typeface. This helps the logo look more human and friendly. By making the x-height the same size as the capital letters of HAZWASTE, the strong block of text is maintained, balancing the logo overall. The ascenders and descenders casually break out of the block, softening the logo it just a little.

The colours used in this logo are taken from the EPA Victoria branding guidelines. This ensures the HazWasteFund logo fits under the EPA Victoria umbrella (heh).

many concepts and variations on the design were explored. In an almost opposite situation to the Cakes of Taste logo design, I had much more time (and budget) to fully explore different concepts for this logo.

The design could also be fully refined and finished so all aspects of the logo we deliberate and designed.

Created during my time at Six Degrees Digital.