Branding: Noisy Thing

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Logo for Noisy Thing, a service for independent artists to run small advertising campaigns in various media throughout Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

As the name suggests, Noisy Thing is a way for artists be heard. This was the primary driver for any design concepts I created. After a handful of ideas were presented to the client, the design of the text lock-up and the hand-drawn ‘o’ was selected.

The hand-drawn ‘o’ is an abstraction of a speaker cone playing at full level and vibrating with the noise it makes. It visually symbolises the sound this speaker cone would make.

The shape of the logo is such that it can be used across a variety of media without needing several layout variations. The single-colour approach helps the logo be stark and ‘noisy, while making it easy to use in any possible application, like t-shirts.

The sticker design was created to give the service a feeling of application. For example, all material for a campaign would have the sticker icon somewhere in the artwork, announcing that this was a campaign in partnership with Noisy Thing. In this way, potential clients can see the service being ‘applied’ to their future promotions.