Branding: Prosperity Property

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Logo and branding elements for Prosperity Property, a consulting service for people looking to purchase properties for investment.

The logo concept is based on a home which will provide prosperity. The graphic is shaped as a three-dimensional silhouette of a typical house. Within the house is a shining light or jewel, highlighting the wealth and prosperity of a good investment. The three-dimensional structure surrounding the light represents the strength and solidity of the research the company undertakes to provide information to their clients.

The points of the hexagonal shape have been used throughout the branding collateral as a design feature, as well as a directional device to draw the eye down the webpage or electronic direct mail (EDM).

Dark blue is used as a main colour because it visually links with banking and other financial institutions. It is a solid colour which further supports the feeling of trustworthiness.

The lime green has been used to counter-balance the solidity of the dark blue, and give the logo a contemporary feel and add some dynamic.

Created during my time at Six Degrees Digital.