Branding: The Exit Group

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Logo and stationery design for The Exit Group. The Exit Group is a collection of small symbiotic companies dealing with organisation and promotion of artists in mainstream, and not so mainstream media.

The design of this logo was strongly guided by a low budget. Not only in terms of design budget, but also in on going production of collateral. A single colour approach was needed to keep all production costs to a minimum. However, this was not a deterrent to create a logo that was distinctive.

The Exit Group logo concept comes from a typical ‘no entry’ sign. As the group name was ‘The Exit Group’ I thought a no entry sign would be an interesting twist on the ‘exit’ word. After all, exit, can been taken as no entry.

The rough, distressed treatment was introduced as a point of difference from the usually slick and clean media industry. The single colour, lo-fi design helps to differentiate even further.