Branding: Seek staff etiquette video

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Seek Australia has an annual staff function at the end of each financial year. The video presentation during this function has become a real highlight of the night.

The presentation needs to be humourous, and show many of the events, photos and videos that have transpired during the past 12 months. This year we decided to brand, or theme, the presentation with a 50s style, and base the concept on staff ettiquette.

With the concept in mind I researched advertising from the period to get a sense of the style, colours and graphics used throughout that period. From this research I needed to glean the most recognised elements, not necessarily the most authentic, to use in the design. The video presentation is only a few minutes long, so it needed to be a 50s style that the viewers would instantly recognise.

The video has a ’50s radio’ voiceover throughout the presentation, as well as the sound of a projector running and the hairs and other artefacts associated with archival movie reels. These elements were all intended to give authenticity to the presentation, but also to make it quick and easy for the design team to put together, saving time and costs for the client.

Created during my time at Six Degrees Digital.