A night out at Tarbush

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Living in KL, I realise that it’s a ‘stay-out-late’ culture. All the shops and plazas are open until 10pm every night, and people are out and about in droves. It’s preferable to be out after dark as the temperature drops and it’s more comfortable.

I, myself, am an early bird. I’m awake by 6am without alarms, and I get out of bed more or less when Kelly gets up. In the meantime I usually surf the net, or watch a TV show or movie. This means I generally like to be home by 9pm, and getting ready for either bed or working on the computer.

I feel a clashing of cultures like this needs to be resolved though, and I can see us slipping into the stay-out-late way of life. Not sure how this will affect my early bird tendencies, but I hope it doesn’t result in subtraction of sleeping hours.

After spending all of sunday at the computer and destroying my arms at the gym, I went out to meet Kelly for dinner. We had agreed on Starhill Gallery again, as the first time went we were absolutely blown away!

Starhill Gallery is a high-end shopping complex, with a unique and atmospheric lower floor full of restaurants. Last time we came, we decided on Middle-Eastern fare, out of numerous worldly choices. It was so good, we went back to Tarbush again.

Layout at Tarbush Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

Digression: This image was made with Pano for iPhone, in my opinion, the best panorama stitcher on the app store. This new one was created using my new iPhone 3GS… zing! I got really fed up with the (lack of) speed on the 2G iPhone, and since I’d cut my finger on the shattered glass twice, I though it was time to upgrade. The 3GS makes many apps simply a pleasure to use, whereas before they were only usable.

Click for large version.

…so yeah, Tarbush was awesome. Again.

But, the real reason for this post is to show you what the foodie-floor of Starhill Gallery looks like. And to do that, I’ve found a fandangled way to display a slideshow inline.


Hopefully, you should be seeing a slideshow above this text. If not, the reason is either a) you’re on an iPhone or iPad (sorry, no flash), or b) I don’t know.

Here’s a link to the Flickr set if you can’t see the slideshow, or you want to see the bigger images (recommended).

I think each and every one of you will visit this place. We’ll make sure of that.

Oh, here’s a FREE photo of the Petronas Towers, KL’s most famous landmark (taken on the walk home to our hotel):

Petronas Towers

Yeah I know. Thank me later.