Burger month

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As promised, my WIFE (hah!) and I went down to the poolside for a Burger month burger. As it had been pissing down raining earlier we decided on a table under cover, and a little bit away from the pool and open air. This turned out to be a lovely spot, one, because there was no one else about, and two, for the view:1

Here’s a large version, but be warned — it’s not very impressive.

Once we were seated, we decided on what we would have. Now, if you cast you’re browser back to a previous post, you can see the menu. Just like yourselves, upon a second look at the menu you’ll notice, under the ‘Shakes & Floats heading, lies a chocolate, peanut butter, and banana shake. Of COURSE I bloody ordered it!!!

And it was good :) Tasted exactly like the ingredients suggested.

As far as burgers were concerned Kelly had the Greek Burger, while I had the burger I’d been thinking about for two days, the Portobello Mushroom Burger.

The presentation was great:

In case you were wondering, the three items on the skewers are, in topologically descending order, a slice of pickle, a cherry tomato, and a stuffed olive.

Also, as promised, I ordered my burger with the “fresh potato chips for added crunch”, seen here:

To my surprise, when they said fresh, they meant they’d cook some fresh crisps up on the spot! But to my slight disappointment, they weren’t as crunchy as packet crisps.

The meals were tasty though — Kelly’s tasting more or less like a beefy version of a souvlaki 2, while mine tasted very mushroomy. And very delicious.

The burger meals were very satisfying, to the point of muttering the words “I ate too much”. Which happens too often for my liking.

In conclusion, if you’re planning on coming to KL, and staying at the Prince Hotel last month, I recommend a Burger Month burger.


  1. This view had made me realise I should shoot a proper image of the view from our hotel window. At night. As a panorama. With bracketing. So I did. I’ll post an image of it soon, if my poor MacBook can handle processing 12 RAW files at one time :(
  2. I probably didn’t need to link to a Wikipedia entry for Suovlaki. But, it’s a Wikipedia entry for Souvlaki!!!