Holy crap!

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I forgot to tell you about the TOILET in Starhill Gallery! ZOMG![1. This is probably the only time I’ll use ZOMG in a non-sarcastic manner.] I can’t believe I forgot about it!

So, while I wandered around taking the photos you saw in the previous post, Kelly went to look for the bathroom. I had no idea where she went, but it was a good 10 minutes before I saw her again. She asked me whether I had been to the toilet, which I hadn’t, and she slipped me a 1 Ringgit note, and took me to where the toilets were:

Starhill Gallery, KL

Down that corridor and to the right. After finding the toilet door, I cautiously pushed it open and entered. What was within, I never expected.

Inside the male toilet, was a set of dimly atmospherically lit corridors. Labyrinthian even. There was some sort of soft sound, but I can’t remember what it was. I walked on in the near darkness, poking my head into the doorways that ran off the main corridor — oh, a seated toilet behind another door, oh, and a little room with two urinals.

I walked forward a little further and I could make out a larger room, with some sot of statue. As I walked closer, I realised it was no statue, it was a person! No, wait, better: it was an employee! There was a man in the toilet, that was his job!

Also in the larger — but still atmospherically lit — room, there were two free-standing basins, with water spouts made from bamboo. I said to the man “I need to wash my hands”. He nodded and reached up above his head to grab a free-floating bit of bamboo. He pulled it down and swung it around a little bit, and I followed it with my eyes. His bit of bamboo was connected to another couple of bits which all worked together as a contraption. That’s the best way I can describe it. After a second or two, water started running into the basin.

I was a tad gobsmacked. The whole thing was like an Indiana Jones scene, where Ford would hear the contraption make its various noises and prepare for the worst, but he gets a trickle of water instead of death.

I washed my hands, and dried them on a real hand towel, and placed my one Ringgit in the bowl with the other notes, and quietly left. (Well actually, I didn’t quietly leave — I asked the guy whether he stayed in there all night. He said yes. I felt a bit sorry for him.)

When I came out, Kelly was waiting. She asked what I thought, and I told her the bamboo contraption was awesome. She looked puzzled. You see, in the women’s toilet, there was a giant copper wheel instead of a bamboo contraption, and there were two ladies operating it! Holy crap!

…thus concludes The Tale of the Two Toilets™