Mecca this way

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I like observing. Directly above where I’m sitting right now is a little metallic green and gold arrow sticker. The text on it reads “KIBLAT”. I believe this sticker is for Muslim prayer, and directs the prayer to face toward Mecca. For me, this is the first realisation that Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is my new home town. My new ‘hood.

We landed in KL before midnight (AU time), and were driven to our temporary accommodation in the form of a serviced apartment at The Prince Hotel. Yes, that image on the home page is correct. The actual room is fairly modest, which I’m happy about. Fortunately, they have a dedicated ADSL (ethernet) connection in our room, and I’ve set up my MacBook as a wireless router. The iPhones love this, and think I’m quite clever.

This morning we headed down to the 10th floor for brekkie, and then met up with Jill the real estate agent who showed us a few apartments. We spent four hours travelling to nine or ten places, varying in cost and features. We have narrowed down to three. Jill will negotiate with the owners to get us the best possible price so we can make a decision. I expect we’ll know our new address within two weeks.

We’re back at the apartment now, and having a bit of a refresh. We’ll head out for dinner and explore the city a little more tonight. After stumbling across the following sign, it might make for an interesting evening.


PS. After morning showers, Kelly picked up the local trashy magazine on the coffee table. I present to you, the horoscopes for Leo (Kelly) and Sagittarius (Bart):

Good results await you, with love blooming easily. Career and business areas flourish, while a new direction promises happiness this month. Travel or migration plans materialise. Ask for favours.

Progress heightens this month, promising you recognition and financial gain, along with plenty of love. A new direction in all areas brings a feeling of success. Migration and travel plans are realised this month.

The only two signs that talk about migration plans.