Now that we’re official…

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…think we got room on the RAD team?

I digress…

Anyway, below are some official cards I now have.

The top one is the Malaysian driver’s license. Check it out. That photo? Far from official — we went to a ‘photo place’ and they sat us down in the tiny shop, classy blue background, and pulled out some antiquated digital camera. They took one shot of each of us. I guess looking like a person trying to look like someone else is in these days. (Heh, at least I don’t look like a criminal or serial killer). They then simply printed out a few copies on glossy inkjet paper.

We sent these ‘official’ printouts to the appropriate authority, and viola — instant driver’s license. Check out the finishing — crooked stylish library-era laminate. Wait, library cards don’t even have laminate these days.

On the bottom we have my national identity card. I look like a criminal or a serial killer. I guess that’s important for the police and the immigration authorities to know. This photo was lifted straight from my passport — they didn’t even bother to take a new one. It’s only a national identity card, the accuracy of the photo isn’t really important. Black and white scans photos look more ‘artsy’ anyway.

Official cards

ps. No, I didn’t have to sit a test to get a Malaysian driver’s license. Thanks for wondering :)