Observations so far

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We’ve been in KL now for one week and one day. Here are some observations:

  • I’ve seen more orange and yellow watermelons than red. They taste pretty much the same.
  • When it rains it POURS.
  • Milo (the drink) is really big in KL. For example, in the shopping centres, right next to the tubs with orange juice, lime slushie, and lemonade, they have a Milo dispenser (see figure A below). Also, when we were out car shopping today, the sales lady offered us cold water, coffee, tea and hot Milo. Guess which one I took?
  • At the supermarkets, Milo comes in plastic bags, not tins. The thick resealable kind.
  • The humidity isn’t so bad at the moment. In fact, it’s currently getting towards the end of the rainy season, but the humidity really kicks in during the dry season. Weird, right? Well, apparently, the weather during the rainy season travels over land, while the dry season’s weather travels over water, bringing the humidity.
  • I tried the national dish of Malaysia called Nasi Lemak. It consists of some coconut rice in the middle of the plate, and surrounding it, a boiled egg, some curried chicken, fresh cucumber, roasted peanuts, and onion and crispy anchovies in a tomatoe-y sauce. I give it a 8/10. (figure B)
  • Mobile phone plans are many years behind ours in Australia. Or are they in front?
  • They are more WiFi hotspots in KL than Melbourne. By that I mean cafés and shops. And I don’t mean in total, but frequency.
  • Tiramisu gelato is amazing!
  • Friday and Saturday night there is all you can eat Sushi deal at Enju, the Japanese restaurant on level 2 of our hotel. The food was good, but you get a main and desert too (figure C) so you can’t fit in much sushi :(
  • So far, Malays are very nice. However the service in pretty much every food or retail establishment is balls-face.
  • Peter Fong is the best car dealer you could wish for. Doesn’t muck about, and is on OUR side. And his name is Peter FONG!
  • One of the security guards we’ve dealt with was named Zool.
  • I don’t think Zool realised how awesome his name is. Though I believe Zool from Ghostbusters is actually spelled Zuul.
  • A can of drink called ‘Grass Jelly’ tastes pretty much how you’d expect. Like fresh grass and dirt. (figure D). It has jelly bits inside :( (figure E)
  • The pharmacist recommends smoking “Ganja” in a hookah, instead of fruit-flavoured tobacco. Pharmacist.
  • The ‘Van Man’ is radsticks.

Figure A
Milo is big in KL.


Figure B
Nasi Lemak. 8/10. Not a big fan of anchovies.


Figure C
Desert at Enju Japanese restaurant. This is the lemon sorbet, which comes served in half a lemon. I had orange sorbet. They were both delicious. Recommended!


Figure D
Grass Jelly drink!!! Tastes like it’s called. Worse even.


Figure E
Real jelly bits (!) in the Grass Jelly drink. Shown poured down the sink. Serving suggestion.