Rabbit season

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We were in the elevator to our apartment after seeing the Stereophonics last night (review coming soon). When we reached our floor and the doors opened, there were three fluffy bunny rabbits mucking about (and doing little poos) in the corridor. True story.

What, you don’t believe me? Here they are in glorious tallscreen:

Front-runner for my most surreal moment of 2010.
Youtube version for the usual suspects.

Spolier: it turns out my Asian next-door neighbour owns them. He’s the guy you can hear, but not see, in the video. Which is a good thing, cos he was only in his boxers. Seemed nice enough though. They had carrots out :)

Notes to self:
1. Make sure I introduce myself next time I see him (with clothes on).
2. Listen to your music a little louder and a little later, ‘cos we’re allowed to have pets here, but I’m pretty sure those weren’t fish or small birds.