Somehow, I managed to…

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…lock myself out of the hotel room today. from the INSIDE. That’s right, my door key worked, but I couldn’t push the door open. The security latch had flipped across to lock me out, somehow.

The front desk called the ‘engineer’ after I explained my predicament. It sounded like it might take a while to sort out. The front desk woman gave me a complimentary drink (1) card, and asked me to wait in the mezzanine bar, and they would notify me when everything was under control. A free beer. Nice.

After ten minutes or so they told me my room was open. However, the ‘engineer’ had to do some more ‘work’ to fix the problem, but I was able to return to my room. I stayed in the bar another 15 minutes or so, playing setting up the GPS I picked up at Nerd Central Low Yat Plaza earlier.

Once I went back to my room, there was a new latch installed. A stiff new one. No chance of it deciding on it’s own I was no longer welcome.