Two projects

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It’s great when two like-minded people think similar things, at a similar time, and then write separate blog posts about similar things, on the same day. There’s a word for it, but I can’t remember what it is…


Today, I have begun the ball rolling for two one (of two) projects. Let’s call it project A for now. I’ve had the idea for A for a fairly long time, maybe nine-months, and it has always been something I would do when I had more time. Over the next couple of years, I will have some spare time.

I don’t really want to disclose project A just yet, but after enthusiastic approvals from some close colleagues, I’m happy to announce the early (but concrete) stages of project A have commenced.

Project B (for now) is an idea I’ve had for a short time, maybe two months. B will have longer lead time, as it requires knowledge and connections I don’t have yet. Once we’re settled — and spurred on by the (hopefully successful) conclusion of project A — I’ll begin laying the groundwork for project B.

That is all for the moment. Just felt the need to acknowledge like minds, and share a little something with the world.