EDM: Seek Advertiser Newsletter

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Seek.com.au, an online job search website, needed an electronic newsletter to send to existing and prospective advertisers. As they had a record sales year, Seek wanted to capitalise on the boost in sales by connecting to their advertisers in a new and more personalised way, and delivering relevant and valuable information to them directly.

The design needed to be interesting, and eye-catching. The concept of “Insider Information” was created to give the reader a sense that they were receiving privileged information they could use in their advertising.

This concept was taken further by creating a design that played on the idea of a top-secret dossier full of valuable information and statistics regarding the job market for that month.

Using advanced Photoshop techniques, I wanted to give the EDM a sense of realism to not only emphasise the concept, but also to ensure the EDM was eye-catching. This required much planning in the design, as the EDM format is limited in the HTML that can be used to build it.

I had to be careful that the design could be built to accommodate differing article lengths without breaking. For example, the edges of each piece of paper needed to be perfectly vertical so the paper could ‘stretch’ without alignment issues or pixelation.

It is an ambitious design for EDM but one the client was very happy with.

Created during my time at Six Degrees Digital.