EDM: Six Degrees Digital Xmas campaign

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In 2008, Six Degrees Digital sent out an EDM to their clients. It was the usual “thank you for a great year” message, but with a twist. The clients were able to vote on one of five ‘dares’ that the staff members (including me) were to do. (You can view the dares here).

An initial EDM was sent out to raise awareness and entice clients to view the competition on the SDD website. In this campaign, I was responsible for the visual concept and copywriting of all pieces.

The visual motif of the well-known “Uncle Sam” graphic was used because it is recognised all over the western world, including Australia and the UK, where most of SDD’s clients are based. However, in this campaign, Uncle Sam’s top hat was replaced with a Santa hat, and his suit colour was changed from blue to red.

As we knew there would be several EDMs and webpages involved in the different stages of the campaign, the “Uncle Santa” was used as a consistent graphic throughout, ensuring clients knew that the several elements were part of a single campaign of the course of two months.

The campaign had four stages:

  1. Initial EDM teasing the reader, and enticing them to the website
  2. The voting page on the SDD website
  3. The EDM announcing that we had a winner which directed the reader to the SDD website to find out who had won
  4. The final page of the campaign website which housed the video of the winner performing their dare

All pieces were designed to tease and excite the clients who participated by voting during the campaign. In fact, the campaign won Campaign Monitor’s Xmas email competition for 2008!

The response from everyone who saw the campaign was overwhelmingly positive :)

Created during my time at Six Degrees Digital.