EDM: Six Degrees Executive

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Six Degrees Executive is a highly specialised recruitment consultancy based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

Six Degrees Executive needed a way to deliver timely and relevant information about the recruitment market to their clients, consisting of large blue-chip companies looking for executive roles.

I created a simple, but lively EDM design that makes it easy for the reader to see which articles or information is contained within the EDM. making sure that the prominent items, like contact information and links to each article (like a short table of contents) were in the top section of the EDM so the reader saw them immediately.

The name of the newsletter, Six Degrees Connected, plays on the concept of six degrees of separation, while at the same time is a literal description of connecting with the reader.

The design was designed and build around a system which allowed the client to create and send new monthly newsletters on their own via a web-based admin panel, so the author of the newsletter does not need nay technical knowledge. This is good for the client as they do not need to spend money for an agency to send newsletters, and good for the agency because they can use their resources to work on creative projects instead of repetitive tasks. Win-win :)

See my design for the Six Degrees Executive corporate profile.

Created during my time at Six Degrees Digital.