Hazelnut cufflinks

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I bought a brown suit a few years back during the epic ‘Summer of Four Weddings’. One of my shirts had french cuffs, but for this suit my trusty red Lego cufflinks wouldn’t do.

I believe cufflinks should be an extension of your personality, so I decided to make some of my own, out of hazelnuts! They were the right size, the right colour, and I love hazelnuts. Perfect.

They were pretty easy to make, I just sawed the bottoms off each hazelnut with a fine metal saw, and scraped the nut out with a nail-like piece of steel. The cavity was to be filled with epoxy resin.

Next, I made a little jig which would allow me to hang the cufflink (metal) part so that the face was submerged in the epoxy resin contained in the hazelnut shell. Once it was set up I left it for 48hours to ensure it was 100% dry and hard all the way through.

Finally I scrubbed the shells with soapy hot water and a toothbrush to clean all dirt off, and rubbed a little teak oil on to seal and give it a dull shine.

This is not the only piece of jewellery I’ve designed. Read about my wedding ring.