Latte art – winged prawn

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I’ve quite taken to making coffees with our Sunbeam coffee machine. Frothing the milk etc. I find it quite enjoyable and challenging. I have the grind and tamping down pat I think. The milk part is the most difficult, and I think it’s because of the milk here, not just my developing skills.

Most of the milk you buy from the supermarket says “Made from real milk”. Made from real milk. I think they use this so called ‘real’ milk and basically add sugar syrup to it. Everything in KL has sugar syrup.

Anyway, I’m having a hard time keeping the runny milk combined with the silky stuff. This makes pouring latte art difficult. After watching many a youtube video, I’ve been trying to produce a decent rosetta leaf:


This is not mine (hah!) I wish… I’ve stolen borrowed this image from here for illustrative purposes.

I’ll keep trying to create my first rosetta leaf, but in the meantime, to make myself feel better, I’m approaching it from a different angle. Instead of trying to create something pre-planned, I’m letting all the cosmic energy flow through me, the steamer, and the milk, to produce a surprise every time!

Exciting, no?
The first iteration is a winged prawn. And a pretty damn accurate one at that. Stay tuned for more…


I’ve won the Latte Art-Off challenge to be the first to pour a decent rosetta leaf among friends!