Print: Avatar CD

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CD package for Melbourne post-rockers Season.

Season wanted a package design that was as mysterious and deep as their music. The images for the package were shot at the Tate Modern in London during The Weather Project by Olafur Eliasson.

The images depict a semi-aplocalyptic dream world, at the same time feeling hot and dry, as well as wet and dense. These concepts worked perfectly with Season’s music.

The double gate fold design was distinguished among other releases at the time, and there are hidden graphics and text giving further clues to the package concept below the glued pages. The band liked the idea that someone might see these graphics only when the package was being destroyed, the destruction itself being an extension of the concept. A reward of sorts for someone daring enough.

The album tracks are available as a free download: download Avatar by Season.
In fact, you can now download all of Season’s releases on this page.